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Tennis Instruction by the Santa Monica Tennis Pro that can get you there.

"Hi Max,. I’m in Sun Valley and just had a tennis lesson with Tom Gorman (US David Cup Coach). He said for the amount of time I’ve been playing, whoever’s been giving me tennis instruction, is doing a great job... A big compliment to you.” - Evan M - Sony Corporate airline pilot  - Venice


“Max the Tennis Pro is a tremendous tennis teacher!! I truly enjoy my time on the court with him and he knows how to get me to be my best. He's fun and at the same time he knows how far he can push me. He's motivating and I look forward to seeing him. I'd recommend Max to anyone! Definitely your pro for Santa Monica Tennis Lessons!”

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert  - Daniel Pitlik - Pitlik Consulting - Santa Monica

“Max is the best tennis teacher I have ever had. He is a great communicator and really knows technique. He is also a great person so he makes learning tennis fun!”

                                                                                - Justine Lassoff - Interior Designer - Bel-air

“Max is a fantastic player and tennis instructor and, what's more, he's a great guy. A former international touring pro who still plays the occasional tournament, he can help ANY player improve. I've seen him work with genial command with all sorts of players, from beginners to aspiring pros. It's money well spent.” 

                               - Wes Hanson - Founder PubArts Marketing/Communications Santa Monica

“Max the Tennis Pro deserves my highest recommendation. He is great at developing skills, conditioning, and the mental aspects of tennis. He is a pleasure to work with.”

                                                - Lee Cooper - Professor UCLA, Anderson school - Santa Monica

“Max the Santa Monica Tennis Pro could teach tennis to a brick. He is intuitive, communicates well and his critique of your technique is dead on right. He's a great tennis teacher as well as player. THIS pro is great.”                 - Annelise Collins - Casting agent/Real Estate Agent - Santa Monica

“Max is a great tennis instructor. My strokes and overall understanding of the game have improved tremendously. He is always positive in his feedback and makes learning a fun experience.”

                                      - Bob Strickland - President Belo Horizonte Enterprises - Pacific Palisades

“I was a novice tennis player when I first went to Max and within a few months had enough skill to enter a local league and do very well. Max's simultaneous ability to focus on what you are doing well, and what you need to do to get better, make improvement inevitable. I had a love for the game after the first tennis lesson because Max was so encouraging. He has the key elements required of a good Tennis teacher; he knows how to motivate people, and he loves what he teaches.” 

                                                                                              - Jon Powell - Actor - Los Angeles

Children’s Tennis

“Watching our daughter’s tennis instruction with Max, we realized that he is so extremely well attuned to the person he works with, that he is a tennis teacher that can bring powerful results without invoking any stress at all. We were so impressed that eventually everyone in the family started taking lessons with Max.”

             - Andrei Daneilenko - Managing Partner, FortRoss Capital Management - Santa Monica



How r u ? My new handle is "the can opener". I’m finally able to apply ur open the court for easy winners. "cross the side line to get him off the court", as you say, for my bread and butter shot DOWN THE LINE. They r leaning towards the backhand on the deuce side. .. So here comes the tomahawk out wide serve for the weak return and open court to the backhand. More when I c u. Thank you!!


"Grasshopper" Mercado  

Sent from my iPhone        - Hector Mercado - Dean Of Repertory, Debbie Allen Dance Academy

                                      - Winsor Pilates, Head Trainer - West Los Angeles

“One lesson with Max and we were hooked. My son and I are better tennis players because of him. He is a gifted coach and you owe it to yourself to take a lesson with him.”

                                                                  - Jon Gordon, best selling author of "Training Camp"

“I’ve taken tennis classes and lessons nearly my whole life and I’ve always done the drills and tried to copy the instructions I was given. But Max is the first tennis coach to explain “why” we should hold the racquet a certain way, why we side step, why we’re given these types of directives. He makes it all make sense and my game has improved rapidly. He’s the best coach I’ve ever had.”

                                                     --Amy Goldsmith (Brentwood) - founder, GK Communications