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David Maxwell

Max The Tennis Pro - The Santa Monica Tennis coach that can

     teach you and your kids tennis the right way with patience.

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Santa Monica Tennis Instructor, Max The Tennis Pro
Santa Monica Tennis Coach, Max The Tennis Pro # 310-569-9102

- The Santa Monica Tennis Coach that can get you there.

  1. -Private tennis lessons and classes. Kids Tennis lessons, juniors, and adults of all levels. Beginners welcome.

  2. -18 years of experience and patience as a tennis instructor

  3. -A Licensed Tennis instructor with the city of Santa Monica at the Ocean View Tennis courts for the last 15 years.

  4. -A currently ranked, semi-pro player


In just a few tennis lessons, I can get you hitting the ball or to the next level with the easy to understand concepts that the pros use and in a positive, fun atmosphere; Whether you’re interested in:


      - Learning to play tennis for you or your

        family in a stress-free environment


       - Improving your strokes


       - Preparing for match play


       - Improving your doubles strategy


       - or simply just looking for someone at a

         semi-pro level to have a great rally with

         on your schedule.

Photography courtesy of Evelyne Gaudin


Current Clients: competitive players, beginners, kids, and tennis lovers of all ages; 3 to 73.

  1. -“Watching our daughter take tennis lessons with Max, we realized that he is so extremely well attuned to the person he works with, that he is a tennis instructor that can bring powerful results without invoking any stress at all. We were so impressed that eventually everyone in the family started taking tennis lessons with Max.”

- Andrei Daneilenko (Pacific Palisades)

Managing Partner, FortRoss Capital Management


               IN-HOME INSTRUCTION


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Come to my tennis courts in

Santa Monica Tennis Teacher, Max The Tennis Pro  Arcadia tournment photo
Santa Monica Tennis Instructor, Max The Tennis Pro Ocean View teaching court in Santa Monica

Santa Monica Tennis Classes at the  Ocean View Courts

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             SANTA MONICA  

Your home for Santa Monica Tennis Classes, Pacific Palisades Tennis Classes and Kid’s Tennis Classes

“One lesson with Max and we were hooked. My son and I are better tennis players because of him. He is a gifted coach and you owe it to yourself to take a tennis lesson with him.”

- Jon Gordon, Best selling author of “Training Camp” - More Testimonials


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“I’ve taken tennis classes and lessons nearly my whole life and I’ve always done the drills and tried to copy the instructions I was given. But Max is the first tennis coach to explain “why” we should hold the racquet a certain way, why we side step, why we’re given these types of directives. He makes it all make sense and my game has improved rapidly. He’s the best coach I’ve ever had.”

                                                         --Amy Goldsmith (Brentwood) - founder, GK Communications  4/12/2012

































































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